The Calf for a Cure program is part of the fundraising initiatives for the 2023 Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska. Cattle from the program will be placed on feed at a local feedlot and the full value of the finished animals will be added to the 2023 Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska fundraising totals.

Interested in donating? There are three ways to support this program:

Donation of $2,500 towards the program. With this option, you’ll receive two Trail Boss tickets to the event.

Donation of $1,000 to buy a feeder calf.

Donation of $600 to pay for feed for the feeder calf.

All donors will be recognized in the official Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska program and will receive a special lanyard to wear for the 2023 Ball.

For questions or more information, please contact:

Jordan Feller | (402) 640-7009 |
Keith Kreikemeier | (402) 380-8648 |
Jeremy Ritter | (402) 380-8992 |