Calf for a Cure

The Calf-For-A-Cure Program Helps Researchers “Whip Cancer”

The “Calf-For-A-Cure” program invites and encourages any and all Nebraskans, regardless of their involvement in the beef industry, to take part in fundraising efforts exclusively supporting cancer research.

A donation of $1,000, along with that of other donors will buy a pen(s) of feeder cattle on approximately October 1, 2017. (The “Calf-For-A Cure” program goal is to purchase 300 head.) The cattle will be placed on feed at Roode’s Feedlot in Fairbury, Ne. (Dustin Rippe) or with Duensing’s Feedlot (Trey & Tobe Duensing) in Byron, Ne. Feed costs and yardage will be reduced by or fully paid by other donations of cash, grain, and distillers from other commercial supporters. This will allow for the full value of the finished animals by April 2018 to be contributed to the 2018 Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska. Because the group values the investments being made in this program, the cattle will be price-protected and insured. All donors will be recognized in the official Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska program and will receive a special lanyard to wear during the 2018 Ball event.

More Information

  • The Hergotts

    2018 Host Family
  • The Marshs

    2018 Co-Hosts
  • Getting Here

    6235 Road P, Hebron, NE 68370

The Hergotts

2018 Cattlemen’s Ball Host Family

Randy and Becky Hergott

The 2018 Cattlemen’s Ball will be hosted by the beautiful Hergott Farm near Hebron, Nebraska.

Randy and Becky Hergott, along with their 5 sons and their families, are honored to be hosting the 2018 Cattlemen’s Ball. Their inspiration comes from the knowing that the Cattlemen’s Ball benefits the Buffett Cancer Center today and into the future. The Hergott family has farmed and raised livestock in the area since the 1870’s. Just as their roots run deep, so does their commitment to the cure for cancer.


The Marshs

2018 Cattlemen’s Ball Co-Hosts

Rob and Natalie Marsh

Rob and Natalie Marsh are honored to be Co-Hosts for the 2018 Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska. As life-long residents, the Marsh’s have seen firsthand the effect of cancer on family and friends. The Marsh family raises Red Angus and Red Balancer cows just east of the 2018 Ball site and are raising the family’s 7th generation of operators, their four daughters.

Getting Here

  • Hebron
    From Hebron, travel north on Hwy 81 for 1 mile to Road P. Turn right and drive east for half a mile. Hergott Farm will be on the right hand (south) side of the road.
  • Bruning
    From Bruning, drive south on Hwy 81 for 10 miles to Road P. Turn left and drive east for half a mile. Hergott Farm will be on the right hand (south) side of the road.